Pulau Mapo North

  • Pulau Mapo North

    Pulau Mapo North

    Exploring Bintan is really a must-try experience for it has plenty of beautiful resorts and dive sites. Situated in Bintan are mostly sister resorts that offer the same features yet vary with the uniqueness of their sceneries.

    Pulau Mapo North is one of the outstanding sister resorts here in Bintan. This site is good for diving due to its water depth and currents which range from mild to strong that are recommended for both amateur and professional divers.

    The site is also popular for underwater photography and has become a favorite of photographers in Bintan. Under the sea, you will witness a fantastic scenery of its marine life as well as the coral garden that is consisted of colorful hard and soft corals. The marine life includes shools of snappers, groupers, batfish, butterfly fish and many more.

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